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Mar 17

Kickstarting Hopjockey by Matt Vancil

  Limited finances, and a backlog of pdfs to read, have reduced my Kickstarter habit this year. However, there are still projects which I feel compelled to support. Here is one such project.   Hopjockey is a novel by Matt Vancil, the writer of The Gamers series of films I love so much. The campaign …

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Jan 18

Kickstarting Khan of Khans Card Game

  My tendency to back Kickstarter games has tailed off in recent months. However, I still believe in the concept. Today provides me with the rare opportunity to promote a game I already played.   This was the game I sampled at Dragonmeet 2016.   Khan of Khans is designed by Reiner Knizia, the legendary …

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Sep 26

Kickstarting Spirit the Drinking Card Game

  It is not every day I can promote a Kickstarter run by a friend. However, this is one such opportunity.   Spirit the Drinking Card Game is designed by Ben Frary, a friend and former customer at the games shop where I used to work. Ben was studying with Phil-the-artist at a Norwich College. …

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Aug 01

Kickstarting Prince Valiant The Storytelling Game

  It has been a while since I last backed a Kickstarter. My finances are limited, and I have a folder full of pdfs to read. Yet, a project linked to Greg Stafford is hard to refuse.   Thus, I have backed the new edition of Prince Valiant, by Greg Stafford, published by Stewart Wieck …

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Jun 07

My Crestfallen Stretch Goal is now FREE

  Just over a year ago, the Kickstarter for Crestfallen funded.   Here is my post about the Kickstarter.   Crestfallen is a Fate-powered RPG setting designed by Dan Hiscutt, of White Rose Games. The campaign page described the game as follows:   Crestfallen is a bronze age fantasy roleplaying game, set in a world …

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