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Apr 28

40 Top Sites for Storytelling GMs

  The internet is a wonderful resource for our hobby. It seems the whole of human knowledge is online, where any piece of information is only a search term away. Yet, the sheer volume of data is overwhelming. When a search lists over a million results, it is challenging to find exactly what we need. …

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Aug 15

Listening Around: Lost Episode of Dice of Doom

  Last August I posted a short piece lamenting the completion of the Dice of Doom podcast.     This is one of my favourite RPG podcasts, where a chatty group of gamers discuss roleplaying. The language was often strong, but so was the humour. Listening to Rupert and co was like hanging out with …

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May 25

Listening Around: Saga Thing

  This is my first Listening Around post for several months, but I am still regularly listening to podcasts. Overall, I enjoy four categories of podcasts: Roleplaying Magic: The Gathering History Writing   See more of my recommended podcasts on the Resource page   Today I have a recommendation from my third category. The Saga …

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Sep 15

Listening Around: Play on Target #44

  It is not often I recommend a specific podcast episode, but the topic of this one is so close to my heart.   Episode of 44 Play on Target deals with the issue of Improv vs. Prep. The website describes the episode as follows:   Welcome to the 44th regular episode of the Play On Target …

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Sep 07

Listening Around: Drive to Work at 250

  Back in December 2014 I recommended Mark Rosewater’s Drive to Work podcast.   These podcasts are a monologue by Mark as he drives to work. The Magic website describes the podcasts as follows:   Magic: The Gathering Head Designer Mark Rosewater shares stories, insights, and more while driving to work. Listen in and learn …

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