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Dec 27

My Top Five Posts: 2014

  The end of the year is a suitable time for both looking back and looking forward. I have yet more plans for the blog, to improve my writing and create a more enjoyable site for you. For this article, I look back on five of my favourite posts of 2014.   Tales of a …

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Aug 29

Yes/No, but Little Wizards: Another look at Interesting Outcomes

  This article is very much a synthesis of two previous posts. Both looked at ways to make the outcomes of skill checks interesting, and ease the process of narrating the results.   First there was Totally Yes/No and But which expanded the graduated outcomes in HeroQuest 2.   The second post was Little Wizards …

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Aug 17

Little Wizards & Making Failure Interesting

  I enjoy reading RPGs in search of ideas or Rules Widgets that I can use in my game.   The latest of these games was Little Wizards. Inside I found some excellent advice about how to turn a failure in an RPG into something interesting for the story.   Little Wizards Little Wizards is …

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