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May 13

My Big Four RPG Settings

  Around Christmas time last year, there was a popular twitter tag #fourRPGs. I tweeted my four most influential games on Boxing Day.   Follow me on twitter @NichollsBolas Read the Top Four RPG blog post here   Over my thirty-plus year of gaming, I have played many games and enjoyed some great settings. Often, …

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Apr 08

Table Tools: Two Story Overlays for Traps

  My long article for this week is another reprint of one I wrote for Johnn Four’s Roleplaying Tips newsletter. This weekly email is required reading for GMs, combining some great articles with frequent tips from readers. Subscribers share their experiences, allowing you to learn from the collective experience of so many GMs world-wide.   …

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Feb 23

Warlock’s Journal Unknown Underground Voting

  The latest home for the blog-hopping Warlock’s Journal Contest is with Vicki at Tabletop Adventures.   Vicki invited contestants to design a mysterious underground location. The deadline for entries has passed and the voting window has opened. Voting closes February 26th, so do not take too long deciding.   Vicki has organised the record-breaking …

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Feb 15

The February 2016 Warlock’s Journal Deadline

  The Warlock’s Journal host for February is Vicki at Tabletop Adventures. We are now close to the deadline for this month.   I noted the launch of this contest here.   The topic for the February contest is the Unknown Underground. This mysterious location is described by Vicki as follows:   This place can …

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Feb 12

Gates & Portals Blog Carnival Summary

  The January Blog Carnival was hosted by Tales of a GM.   As my final duty as host, this article brings together all of the essays submitted to the Carnival. The theme I chose for January was Gates & Portals.   I announced the topic, and provided some options, in the launch article.   …

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