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Dec 09

Dragonmeet 2016 Report: A Bigger Friendly Con

  I counted down to Dragonmeet over several months. Now the big day has passed, so it is time for the annual report. Saturday 3rd December was the Dragonmeet convention in London. Once again, the day was a lot of fun.   I have divided this report into seven sections: 1. Travel 2. Trade Hall …

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Sep 12

Reading Around: Meditations of Marcus Aurelius

  I continue to progress with the 2016 Reading Challenge. Anne launched this project at her Modern Mrs Darcy blog.     Read more about the 2016 Reading Challenge here. Follow my progress on Pinterest, where I list all the books I read.   I completed my eighth challenge last week. This qualified under number six: a …

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Sep 08

Countdown to Dragonmeet 2016: 3 Months

  Summer in England is running out, September has arrived and the children are back to school. All of which means we are a month closer to December and another Dragonmeet.   My favourite convention is held this year on Saturday 3rd December. The venue is changing again, making it three locations in four years. …

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Aug 11

RPG-a-day 2016: Day 11

  I am now in the second week of the RPG-a-day project. This is a series of roleplaying questions to answer on social media. The host is the Brigade Con blog, where you can find the large image with the full list of questions.   To learn more, see the Brigade Con blog     …

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Jan 04

Ken & Robin Talk about Sigil PD

  One of my highlights of Dragonmeet is attending the live recording of Ken and Robin Talk About Stuff.   This year was no exception, as the panel were on fine form. The speed and enthusiasm of Ken’s impromptu lecture about Genghis Khan illustrated an amazing breadth of knowledge. If only I were half as …

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