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Mar 21

Updated: How to be a Bad GM

  Several years ago, my gaming group suffered a catastrophic personality clash, leading to the end of the campaign. This made me feel like a BAD GM, and a pretty poor friend. Here are some examples of how I went wrong, written in the hope you will learn from my mistakes.     Over-commit You …

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Mar 13

Updated: Campaign Interludes

  My Tales of the Hero Wars game regularly features interludes. This essay explains how an interlude is one or more sessions where the style and focus of the game differ from the standard course of the campaign. Traditional storytelling methods use flashbacks, prologues, foreshadowing or other non-linear techniques to add depth to the story. …

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Mar 10

February ‘17 Carnival: Improv Encounters 3, Who & Players

  The 2017 travelling RPG Blog Carnival is in full swing. The February host was the team at Tabletop Terrors, where they nominated a staple of RPG scenarios: the encounter.   This broad term gave me a lot to think about, and my initial essay needed to be split up. Thus, I am still pursuing …

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Mar 06

Updated: The Social Contract

  Following on from unfortunate in-game events that brought one campaign to a screeching halt, I decided to implement a Social Contract. In the hope of avoiding another game breaking down due to a conflict of expectations, I now start each campaign story arc with a discussion of our Social Contract.   Our Way to …

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Mar 04

International GM’s Day 2017

  Today is International GM’s Day. Today is about showing GMs how much their hard work and effort is appreciated by the Players. This program grew out of the message boards at EN World.   Read more about GM Day here.     My Fantastic Players Once again, I was reminded how lucky I am …

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