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Dec 20

Christmas Interlude ’16, Part 3

  Basic character creation Arcane Heroes Plot creation plans   The date for the Savage Worlds Christmas Interlude is looming. Work over the weekend focused on creating the pre-generated characters. The Explorer’s Edition rules has a list of archetypes, which really helped create skeleton of the ten Heroes I have built. Except, the arcane powers …

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Dec 18

Writing Goals, 18th December, 2016

  Hi Everyone,   We are now really close to Christmas. The boys have finished school for the year, meaning all hope of peaceful writing is lost. Instead, I have a long list of chores to complete before the big day. It is the same every year.   Previously on Tales of a GM:   …

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Dec 17

Dragonmeet 2016: The Swag

  This week I conclude my coverage of Dragonmeet 2016 with a quick review of the items I bought at the convention.   Last week I posted an overview of my day at Dragonmeet.   Even though the highlight of the day was meeting gamer fiends, I enjoyed my time browsing the trade hall. I …

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Dec 16

Christmas Interlude ’16, Part 2

  GM Reference Sheets Juggling my time Delayed plot creation   The game next Saturday was cancelled to give myself a fortnight to prepare for the Christmas Interlude. Much as I like running different games, they do require more prep time. The first part of the process is to learn the rules. I find creating …

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Dec 14

Christmas Interlude ’16, Part 1

  New story arc brainstormed Savage Worlds rules GM Reference Sheets   I was very pleased with the brainstorming session on Saturday. Three Players helped me create the framework for the next story arc of the campaign. We have a setting, a theme and an interesting organization for the Heroes. Playing troll cultural attaches in …

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