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Apr 03

Updated: DramaSystem & Setting Creation

  A regular part of our preparations for every campaign story arc is the creation of a relationship web. My Players and I use part of the character creation process from DramaSystem to map out relationship networks.   Collaborative Creation Player collaboration is my favourite world-building method. In my continual search for faster prep, the …

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Mar 28

The March 2017 Home of the Warlock’s Journal

  The Warlock’s Journal jumps from site to site, roughly every other month. March brings a fresh host for the contest.   Last time out, Michael hosted at Tiny Gork.   March is the latest active month in the Warlock’s Journal bimonthly schedule. The new host is Clark Timmins at the mighty RPG Geek. The …

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Mar 17

March ‘17 Carnival: The River Ogre

  March means the travelling RPG Blog Carnival has jumped to another blog. The latest host is Brian Fitzpatrick at Moebius Adventures.     The chosen subject for this month’s contributions to the Blog Carnival is “Things in the Dark.” Brian outlines the topic like this: This month we invite you to write about those …

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Mar 13

Updated: Campaign Interludes

  My Tales of the Hero Wars game regularly features interludes. This essay explains how an interlude is one or more sessions where the style and focus of the game differ from the standard course of the campaign. Traditional storytelling methods use flashbacks, prologues, foreshadowing or other non-linear techniques to add depth to the story. …

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Feb 28

FebShoMo Week 4, Day 28

  Throughout February, I am running the FebShoMo project, a method of brainstorming outlines for stories. As part of this process, I post regular updates about what I create. Today I reach the end of the month with a final outline.   Read the launch post here I outlined my plan for Week 4 here   …

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