Tag: SF

Sep 11

Kickstarting Era: Balam

  My Kickstarter habit has been under control since June, but it could not last. My latest find is an RPG with a difference. Once again, I favour the digital option, but the difference here is the genre.   The latest project I want to share is Era: Balam, by Ed Jowett. The campaign page …

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Apr 10

2017 Epic Reads: Ender in Exile

  As you know, the new year brought a new reading challenge for me. The plan is to read my way around Europe with a selection of YA novels.   Read more about the 2017 Reading Challenge here. Follow my progress on Pinterest, where I list all the books I read.   The goal of …

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Mar 14

Cyanide Falling short SF Published

  After all the rush of FebShoMo I failed to promote this notable step in my writing career. However, now I am working through my backlog, I finally have time to give this the attention it deserves.   So much about writing involves incremental steps. The first publication of a short story in a magazine …

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