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Apr 18

Shadows of Ulubrae, Chapter 15, Part 1

  Trollkin Hero Bonus D&D Dungeon World interlude prep   Saturday saw the return of an old Player, which helped the feeling of a rotating cast of Heroes. Finally, we have a trollkin character in the game, who interacts amusingly with the other trolls. The first session saw the trollkin as light-relief, but I am …

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Apr 13

Shadows of Ulubrae, Chapter 14, Part 2

  Disrupted game prep Future game sessions Dungeon World interlude   Completing game prep around the boys is never simple. My schedule made game prep day the one where I had both boys. For the part of the day they were amused, I made good progress, with most of the vital session outline sheet complete. …

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Apr 12

Songs of Ulubrae: Chapter 13

  In the Casual Comedy . Noon, Craftsday, Hunt Week, Delve Season, 1017.   Umiaq was busy adapting to his new wardrobe when a guard informed him of a uniformed dwarf at the gate to see him. This was Investigator Artorius Vellus Argentius who asked Umiaq a series of questions about his presence at the …

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Apr 11

Shadows of Ulubrae, Chapter 14, Part 1

  Vanishing Players Increased session pace Weaving the story   The game this Saturday suffered heavily from Player drop-out. Of the four who gathered at the table, one left almost immediately due to ill health. Another left a short time later, leaving us with the bare minimum turnout. I am quite happy to shift the …

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Apr 07

Shadows of Ulubrae, Chapter 13, Part 2

  Relatively quiet Easter holiday Juggling prep time Story arc structure   Overall, the first week of the Easter holiday has passed fairly smoothly. Bickering was kept to a minimum, and nobody has had a proper tantrum. All of which means I found a decent amount of time for my game prep. The actual play …

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