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Aug 08

Shadows of Ulubrae, Chapter 25, Part 1

  Dead and Dying Heroes Dungeon World Prep Time pressures   Saturday’s HeroQuest game was full of drama. The session consisted of one, super-extended battle, as the Heroes split up in the face of strengthening defences in the Red Tower. Yet, they resolved to stand their ground, and even split up the party. My warnings …

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Aug 05

Songs of Ulubrae: Chapter 23

  In Ignorant Good Will . Late morning, Marchday, Truth Week, Delve Season, 1017.   The Heroes stood in silence for a moment, catching their breath after the fight with the red elementals. Then they realized Umiaq had also vanished. This Red Tower was truly a weird place.   Regardless, Adlartok sent his seven trollkin …

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Aug 01

Shadows of Ulubrae, Chapter 24, Part 1

  Inside the Red Tower PhilCon Fiasco prep   For a change, the game on Saturday made use of my game prep. So often, I seem to work hard on the prep, only for the Players to take an unexpected option, and I need to improvise something else. Furthermore, the Players continued to explore the …

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Jul 28

Shadows of Ulubrae, Chapter 23, Part 2

  Prepping the temple Finding a map The 10 Scene Plot   Inevitably, my game prep on Wednesday only progressed slowly. Working in the summer holiday was always going to be an issue. My challenge is heightened this week by the need to prepare a towering temple complex. The last session ended with the Heroes …

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Jul 26

Songs of Ulubrae: Chapter 22

  To Please A Companion . Morning, Marchday, Truth Week, Delve Season, 1017.   For several days, Arrluk worked hard on his recovery at the Sanatorium. Extreme withdrawal symptoms challenged his progress, but with the help of additional medication, he began to improve. As he struggled with the bouts of vomiting, Arrluk began to wonder …

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