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Oct 16

RPG Blog Carnival: Midnight Hag

  The travelling RPG Blog Carnival has moved onwards once more.   As is traditional, October’s event is hosted by Scot Newbury at Of Dice and Dragons.   The topic for October is summed up in the very evocative title: by the pricking of my thumbs, something wicked this way comes. Scot describes the topic …

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Mar 21

Shakespeare in Dice, Part 5

  Today is the last instalment of the Shakespearean dice quotes to celebrate Shakespeare week on Tales of a GM.   Part four of the series had two quotes from dice rolling in Act III.   Obedient Dice Antony      He hath spoken true; the very dice obey him.   This quote is from …

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Mar 20

A Midsummer Night’s Game: Shakespearean Faeries in RPGs

  Here in the UK it is Shakespeare Week, 16th to 22nd of March. I know this is aimed at schools, but as a parent, the school calendar shapes my life. Furthermore, there is much to be gained from the study of Shakespeare, even for GMs.   To celebrate Shakespeare Week, this essay will take …

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Mar 19

Shakespeare in Dice, Part 4

Here I am again with the fourth instalment of quotes in celebration of Shakespeare Week. Today the dice are rolling in Act III.   Part three featured two quotes from plays dated 1600.   Dice Denial Shallow      Keep a gamester from the dice, and a good student from his book, and it is …

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Mar 18

Shakespeare in Dice, Part 3

  The celebrations marking Shakespeare Week continue here at Tales of a GM. Today is a double-header, with the latest issue of Tales of the Dice. I am also continuing my short series exploring the interactions between our national playwright and dice.   Yesterday, I presented two quotes from Act IV of Henry the Fifth …

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