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Dec 08

Storm & Shield 7: Versatile Vehicles pdf Launch

  Despite all manner of laptop issues, I caught up fairly quickly.   Therefore, I am very pleased to announce the release of Storm & Shield: Versatile Vehicles, the compilation pdf from my seventh Storm & Shield contest.     As with all the Storm & Shield pdfs, this is a FREE title. The product …

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Dec 05

Storm & Shield: Versatile Vehicles Winner

  Thank you so much to everyone who entered, voted and generally promoted the latest contest. Voting is now closed, and the winner has been notified. I am therefore able to announce the winner on Tales of a GM.   Volga Class Transport The vehicle chosen to carry Agent Beetle of Storm & Shield on …

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Dec 04

Versatile Vehicles Voting Deadline

  The voting round for the latest Storm & Shield contest closes tonight. So far, just two sets of votes have been logged. Amazingly, this does not decide a winner. Meaning the next few votes could make all the difference. Could you pick a winner for me?   The Warlock’s Journal is not always a …

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Dec 01

Versatile Vehicles Voting Update

  After a delay caused by my laptop woes, the voting round for the latest Storm & Shield contest opened earlier in the week. So far, just a single set of votes have been logged. While this is enough to declare a winner, I want to remind you all of the chance to vote.   …

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Nov 27

Voting for Storm & Shield: Versatile Vehicles

  The latest Warlock’s Journal Contest is closed. Indeed, it closed several weeks ago, but laptop woes have delayed everything for me. The contest has a high priority, so I am rushing to set this up.   Which means it is voting time. The Warlock’s Journal is not always a precise source of information, and …

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