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Dec 01

Minor Festival Generator

  December is one of those times in the year when religious festivals loom large. Such communal worship is often absent from our games. Large festivals are generally treated as plot devices in a campaign. However, in a setting with multiple deities, there should be frequent minor festivals.   I noted previously my failure to …

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Nov 27

Updated: GMC Body Language

  My weakest area as a GM is my portrayal of GMCs. Thus, the most relevant part of the comprehensive Guidance chapter of the Spark RPG by Jason Pitre was the GMC advice. This essay expands upon Jason’s suggestions. I have written before about the ideas of Jason Pitre found in Spark RPG:   My …

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Jun 06

Updated: Chase Cards 2 Reviewed

    Chase Cards 2: Hot Pursuit is produced by Paizo as part of their Pathfinder Cards line. The pack contains 51 unique cards, 17 each for urban, forest and dungeon environments. In addition, there are two cards of rules, a copyright card and an advert card. These Pathfinder Chase Cards are also billed as …

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May 15

Updated: Sample Plots for Heroic Growth

  This essay was written as part of my hosting of the January 2016 RPG Blog Carnival. My chosen theme was Gates and Portals, but I broadened out the topic in later essays.   I summarized the Gates & Portals Blog Carnival here   I then wrote a pair of articles about Personal Growth in …

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May 08

Updated: Negative Growth in RPGs

  This article was written as part of the January 2016 RPG Blog Carnival I hosted. My chosen theme was Gates and Portals, but I broadened out the topic in later essays. This is the second of those essays.   Growth and transitions are embedded within RPG games. One of the core principles of D&D …

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