Tag: Tales of the Dice

Dec 13

Tales of the Dice 138: Crazing

    Yet another seasonal issue of the webcomic.   This issue suggests I should take photos of the elf dice in all sorts of strange places. My house is too much of a mess for that at the moment, with the builders here. Maybe next year.   Issue 137, Colouring, can be found here …

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Dec 07

Tales of the Dice 137: Colouring

    Now that Dragonmeet is over for another year, my thoughts turn to Christmas. This was one of those issues which I brainstormed on the morning of posting. This was not what I planned to write, but the gag jumped into my mind when I started to think about the comic.   As ever, …

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Nov 30

Tales of the Dice 136: Nearing

    The Countdown is almost finished   Yes, a final Dragonmeet issue of the webcomic. I am busy with preparations for my favourite convention, so there is no chance of time dragging.¬†Indeed, I have rather too much to squeeze into my day. This should help the time pass quickly as I rush through as …

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Nov 24

12 Days of Dicember Launch

  My most exciting times on the blog are when I have a project to run. This keeps me very busy, but creates a much better feeling around the blog. So far this year I have run:   Prophecies & Omens Blog Carnival in January See the Summary article here February Short Month brainstorming plot …

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Nov 22

Tales of the Dice 135: Packing

    The Countdown to Dragonmeet continues   Sadly my pre-convention choices are a little more taxing. The list-making has begun, but there is more work to be down before the big day.   Might I see you there?   Issue 134, Planning, can be found here If you like¬†Tales of the Dice, then you …

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