Tag: The Planes

Jan 16

Updated: Elemental Design Space, Part 2

  In part one of this series, I introduced several ways to present the traditional elemental creatures. Here in part two, I turn to the more exotic elemental options.   Read the Updated part 1 here     Half-Elementals The second major category of elementals are the half-elementals. These hybrid beings mix the traits of …

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Jan 09

Updated: Elemental Design, Part 1

  Elemental creatures are a common feature in many fantasy settings, yet they are so rarely explored in any great detail. Typically, elementals are a vaguely humanoid monster formed of a raw element. While there is a place for this traditional elemental in a setting, it is possible to achieve a lot more with this …

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Oct 24

Forgotten Scrolls 07: Week 168

  Launched last month, the Forgotten Scrolls series is a weekly look back at some of the articles previously published during my three years of blogging.   Before the usual look at articles from the archives, I direct you to my regular guest post at Ennead Games. Here I reprint something from my archives. This …

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May 06

RPG Blog Carnival, Part 3: Niflheim Weather

  The April host for the travelling RPG Blog Carnival was Stephanie Bryant at Mortaine’s Blog. Here is my third contribution.     Stephanie chose the topic of weather in games, which has been a rewarding topic for me. Stephanie noted on her blog how the weather creates mood for a setting:   I was …

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Apr 29

RPG Blog Carnival, Part 2: Valinor Weather

  As noted last week, the travelling RPG Blog Carnival moved onwards for another month. The April event is hosted by Stephanie Bryant at Mortaine’s Blog.     Stephanie has chosen the topic of weather in games, which strikes me as a very English topic. Stephanie notes on her blog the weather creates mood for …

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