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Feb 16

Tales of the Dice 96: Breathing

    After the recent run of trio strips, I wanted to use a different template. Of course, the puns remain just as bad.   I think there might be legs in this one. I do so like a theme.   Issue 95, Knocking, can be found here   Happy Chuckling Phil   Click on …

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Feb 08

Tales of the Dice 95: Knocking

    And the Jane Austen story runs on for another week.   As a parent, the incessant bickering which annoys Blue certainly rings true for me. The boys have argued over a lot less. Hopefully I can move on from the three dice strip next week. Maybe.   Issue 94, Mistering, can be found …

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Feb 01

Tales of the Dice 94: Mistering

    Yes, another sequel issue of the webcomic. As with the Doyle run, I am not sure how long this will last. I am just happy to turn out a comic every week, not worry about the longevity of a running gag.   There have been a lot of issues lately with these three …

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Jan 25

Tales of the Dice 93: Sticking

    This issue of the comic is a direct sequel to last week’s gag. I guess it is also another reference back to Jane Austen, but at least I am not butchering her prose this week.   We might be back with the three amigos again next week, or I might try to move …

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Jan 18

Tales of the Dice 92: Insulting

    The return of the pun!   Wow, two weeks running!┬áTales of the Dice webcomic really is back. Let’s hope it can keep it’s regular slot.   The issue for this week is something of a master call-back issue. I have previously made jokes around Jane Austen, caltrops and dice pun words. I think …

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