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Mar 15

Tales of the Dice 100: Infantilizing

    Wow, 100 issues! That is a lot of puns.   It would have been cool to have a special issue cued up to celebrate. However, I am not that organzed. Sadly, all I have for you this week is another dice pun. Just like the last 100 issues!   Issue 99, Riddling, can …

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Mar 08

Tales of the Dice 99: Riddling

    A more old fashioned joke for today. Well, mixed in with a standard pun for good measure.   I am pleased to mix up the type of strip again. I really should invest the time to make more strips, just to give me a little more variety.   Issue 98, Dialling, can be …

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Mar 02

Tales of the Dice 98: Dialling

    Yes, a dice joke uniting puns and Spinal Tap. I never thought to write that sentence on World Book Day.   After three issues in a row, it might be time to move along to another theme. I am sure there are more forest puns to share, but it would be best to …

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Feb 22

Tales of the Dice 97: Harnessing

    So, another pun from the woodland dice. I would like to roll this one on for another week, but do not have a gag in mind. Just have to wait until next Wednesday.   Issue 96, Breathing, can be found here Issue 98, Dialling, can be found here   Happy Chuckling Phil   …

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Feb 16

Tales of the Dice 96: Breathing

    After the recent run of trio strips, I wanted to use a different template. Of course, the puns remain just as bad.   I think there might be legs in this one. I do so like a theme.   Issue 95, Knocking, can be found here Issue 97, Harnessing, can be found here …

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