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May 24

Tales of the Dice 109: Teaming

    The team of superheroes is now complete.   This is really only the start of the team’s adventures, but I think it is time for a change. I want to return to some of the other strips for a few issues, maybe revisit another running gag, and then we can return to our …

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May 17

Tales of the Dice 108: Picking

    So now all the Heroes have a name. I am sure you can see where I am heading with this. Even so, I want to keep running with this series for the moment. I will break it up with some of the other strips, but not just yet.   Maybe one more trio, …

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May 10

Tales of the Dice 107: Purpling

    This story could prove to be quite long. Indeed, I may need to break up the story to vary the style of strips I post. For the moment, however, there are several more to come in this series.   After frequent struggles to think of a gag, it is liberating to have a …

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May 03

Tales of the Dice 106: Envying

    As I started to write this issue, I expected the ending to be different. Originally, I thought it would be another “Kiss my dice” punchline, but the printed gag jumped into my head instead. I think this could be the start of a mini-series.   Tune in next week to find out.   …

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Apr 27

Tales of the Dice 105: Doubting

    Welcome to the start of Volume III of Tales of the Dice.   This is an interesting issue, as it links together two different previous comics. The trio discussing the Seven Deadly Sins first appeared in issue 24, Sinning. Meanwhile, d4 first claimed to be Pride in a Jane Austen-themed comic in issue 93, …

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