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Jul 13

Tales of the Dice 116: Dining

    Green dice returns for another film pun. Star Wars is much more of a geek film than some of the ones I chose to write about. Having begun this theme, I think there might be more puns to come.   I think I should present the final line capitalized next time, to convey the …

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Jul 05

Tales of the Dice 115: Swimming

    Another joke rolls over into the next week.   I do so love these sequel jokes, as they seem easier to write. I might move along to another joke for next week, but I am sure we will return to sorcerous developments soon.   Issue 114, Animating, can be found here If you …

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Jun 28

Tales of the Dice 114: Animating

    Another series of jokes re-visited.   If you have not seen the classic Jason and the Argonauts, featuring those skeletons, then you have missed a treat. There are many other superb creatures in the film, but the skeletons are probably the most memorable. They are certainly what I imagine when I use skeletons …

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Jun 21

Tales of the Dice 113: Slimming

    Yes, the King is here for another week.   I think this might be all for now, and time to move along to another set of dice for next week. There is still another set of comedy dice to introduce to you, if I can think of a suitable gag in time. Come …

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Jun 19

Tales of the Dice: Volume I pdf Launch

    Following two Best of pdfs, the Reprinted Tales line has expanded to cover Tales of the Dice, the webcomic here at Tales of a GM. As the website approaches its fourth birthday, it is growing bloated with articles. These webcomics are comparatively large and space on the website is limited.   Therefore, I …

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