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Apr 30

Writing Goals, 30th April, 2017

  Hi Everyone,   Just as we are settled into the school routine, a Bank Holiday comes along to spoil my rhythm. To make the weekend even stranger, my wife is working today. Thus, is feels like a school holiday today, and tomorrow will be the Sunday routine. I will try to snatch moments of …

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Apr 28

40 Top Sites for Storytelling GMs

  The internet is a wonderful resource for our hobby. It seems the whole of human knowledge is online, where any piece of information is only a search term away. Yet, the sheer volume of data is overwhelming. When a search lists over a million results, it is challenging to find exactly what we need. …

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Apr 23

Writing Goals, 23rd April, 2017

  Hi Everyone,   The first week of term proved to be a busy one for me. This effect continued into today, where I had quite a struggle to coax the boys into completing their homework. After lots of sulking, my time is my own again for a little while. So, let me look back …

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Apr 16

Writing Goals, 16th April, 2017

  Hi Everyone,   Happy Easter!   Here we are at the end of the school holiday. It was another mixed week with the boys, featuring moments of stress. Boredom is often the problem, which is solved when they return to school. Only two more days, and then the house will be at peace.   …

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Apr 09

Writing Goals, 9th April, 2017

  Hi Everyone,   Despite the stresses of the school holidays, I am posting this on schedule. This weekend marks the mid-point to the holiday, so it is down hill from here.   Previously on Tales of a GM:   2 hours – Primary Goal – Layout long pdf Bonus – Secondary Goal – Webcomic …

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