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Business Travel Tips; Reduce Stress and Have Fun

Business travel is less stressful when you take the time to prepare and get organized.

Here are some tips for your business travel that will make your time away from home a little more enjoyable. Let’s start with luggage for business trips. Start with the purchase of a good transport bag. Any experienced business traveler will tell you that moving forward is the only way to travel. It will keep you out of the luggage claim and you’ll never have to worry about lost luggage. Buy a pair of good quality pieces constructed of polyurethane-treated fabric that have nylon zippers.

Polyurethane will keep moisture out and nylon zippers are much less likely to snag. Consider keeping a duplicate of as much as possible when it comes to those things you use every day, such as your toiletries. That way, you won’t have to worry about unpacking them when you get home. They can stay in their business travel bags. You may also consider going to your local pharmacy to buy test sizes of your toiletries.

Try to pack your purse with space-saving in mind. Reduce the number of business suits, for example, by packing alternate shirts and ties that match the same suit; women can change the look of a suit with different blouses, scarves, sweaters or jewelry. Pack socks and underwear inside your shoes. This not only saves space but also helps maintain the shape of your shoes. Pack your belts around the edge of your suitcase. When considering the items to pack, think about the things that are necessary and the things that can make your business trip a little more comfortable.

Here’s a business travel tip when choosing your mode of transportation. When choosing transportation for business trips, you should consider the distance you are going to travel. Although air travel is the first choice when it comes to long trips for a shorter trip that is only a couple of hundred miles away, a train or car may be the best choice. Keep in mind the time you would spend traveling to and from the airport. Also, don’t forget to consider the amount of time it takes at the airport to check in, board, disembark and then find transportation to your final destination, etc.

If you decide to fly, consider alternative airports just outside the city of departure and destination. Typically, these airports may have fewer flights, but they will also have less chance of overselling and delays.

Always try to stay in hotels that cater to business travel. Most of these hotels will have high-speed Internet access and offer access to business machines. For unbiased feedback from other business travelers like yourself, we recommend that you investigate.

One of the most important tips for business travel is to check your cell service before leaving for another city. Check with your cell phone service provider. You may find that they do not provide service where your business trip takes you and therefore you will need to find an alternative carrier for this trip.

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