Xavi Hernandez hails Barcelona moment of truth.

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Xavi Hernandez admits Barcelona face a key moment in how they will end the season.

Barcelona coach Xavi Hernandez has revealed that now is the moment of truth for his Azulgrana side ahead of their away game against Athletic Bilbao on Sunday’s Liga stage. Including the game against Napoli on the Champions League Round of 16 stage, second match.

Many dismissed Barcelona’s hopes of defending the La Liga title before Xavi announced his retirement at the end of the season due to his poor performance in January. But the Azulgrana team performed better after that, having not lost from playing every competition for 6 games in a row. Meanwhile, the 44-year-old trainer has not given up on raising the white flag for the chance to compete for the Spanish league championship this season. ยูฟ่าเบท

‘We are better than the last few games. We have good feelings. And this is the moment of truth,’ Xavi said, ‘to measure ourselves against our direct opponents as the Champions League approaches. This is a life-and-death moment.’

Barcelona trails leader Real Madrid by 8 points before playing the final 12 games of the season, with Xavi seeing Sunday’s away game at Athletic Bilbao as very important for the team. sulgrana

‘If we win, it will be an important step,’ Xavi said ahead of the away game against the famous Basque team, who remain unbeaten at home since losing 0-2 to Real Madrid in the opening game of this season. 

‘This Sunday will be a day where we will see continuity in our game. which we still lack’ Then Xavi also spoke about his own future that ‘Today there has been no change. It’s not a problem’